Master Internship

Master Freediver Internship

The Master Internship program
 is a 2 weeks length. During this time, you will become a more experienced freediver and improve your freediving skills by training and assisting our experienced instructors during freediving courses, coaching and training sessions.
You will get lots of experience by being in contact with many freedivers of all levels and exchanging knowledge and ideas with our interns, instructors and masters.

You will help with safety during training sessions, courses and competitions to maximize your experience also on the competitive and high level freediving. 
This program is design to make you a better freediver, whether you are continuing on to become an instructor, entering the world of competitive freediving, or, like most of our students, simply developing expert competency. 

Our instructors will provide you 4 coaching sessions, and monitor your progress. We will give you guidelines for your future training. You will join our instructors when they do their own training, to practice safety skills or to train at a very low rate. 

If you plan on becoming a freediving instructor at some point, you will get plenty of experience by assisting our instructors during courses, you will see all the students mistakes and how they are corrected. You will witness different teaching styles as well. 

You will be able to assist as much as you want during the beginner and advanced courses’ theory lessons, and there will be plenty of occasions to learn much about freediving physiology and other practical and theoretical facts by just hanging out with us. During this 2 weeks, you will be immersed into the recreational and sport Freediving. Come and spend 2 weeks training and improving alongside with Freediving champions, experts who are passionate about sharing their training techniques and lifestyle with you.


Daily routines will be self trained and coached as well, and include the following:

  • stretching

  • breathing exercises

  • lung-capacity increasing exercises

  • thoracic flexibility

  • equalization work-out

Learning to assist on courses and training sessions will include:

  • evaluating conditions

  • dive site relocation

  • rope work

  • underwater mooring set up and maintenance

  • classroom and confined water assisting

  • skills demonstration (if ready)



  • deep equalization techniques in accordance with your level

  • maximum pressure dives

  • ultimate diaphragmatic and intercostal stretches

  • effective diet for deep freediving



Want to sign up...

Master Freediver Internship

 AIDA 4 or PADI Master Freediver or any level equivalent from another agency. 

Paperworks: complete the AIDA Medical Form and the AIDA Liability Release

Course duration: 2 weeks


Price : Click on the location below to know the price


There are no specific dates for the Master Internship Program and it can be started at anytime. 
Only one thing required – a love of freediving and the water, because this is how and where you will spend most of your time.
Master Freedivers are encouraged to have their own personal freediving equipment.

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