Master Freediver Program (AIDA or PADI)

Master Freediver program

This program is a total immersion for any freedivers who wants to gain more, knowledge and expertisse in the the freediving world. 

Spanning a minimum of 2 weeks / 14 days this program incorporates 2 steps.

It is an intensive training program that will take your freediving skills to a superior level. 
By giving yourself this time to train your body and mind will be able to adapt and greater depth will come easily. 
For those wishing to make a career from freediving the master course is alo the perfect preparation for AIDA or PADI Instructor training program, or to prepare you to be a competitor freediver. 



During this 2 weeks (14 days), it will be a mix of coaching sessions with 3 to 4 days dedicated for your Master Freediver course

This program include 8 coaching session (3 of them may be pool dynamic session). During Open water session, the maximum depth will be 50m. 


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Master Freediver



Course duration: 3 weeks

Price : Click on the location below to know the price

Master Freedivers are encouraged to have their own personal freediving equipment.

Note : Equipment rental is not included but can be rented.

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