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Freediving Coaching

Coaching is not just for competitive freedivers though. We see coaching as a relationship based on teamwork and we provide advice and training tailored for your goals, needs and available time.

There are many factors that influence our freediving. That is why we will first evaluate your abilities and adjust the training to suit your individual level.

Coaching can consist of training plans, 
working to understand what makes you tick, and what holds you back, and designing each day specifically for you, to help you relax and enjoy the ocean, at the same time as learning and developing your skills. 

Freediving coaching are for certified or experienced freedivers who would like to spend time with an instructor to improve their performance. 

Your instructor will be coaching you,
giving you guidance, such as feedback on technique as well as providing your safety and set-up of buoys and ropes at a suitable depth. There is also the option to be filmed, so that afterward you can review a video of your freediving technique and receive additional feedback. Coaching sessions are ideal for refining your skills, practicing deep freediving under a watchful eye and going to work on specific parts of your dive.

The sessions can help you in reaching goals such as holding your breath longer, improving your equalization technique, improving your diving technique, your diving depth and moreLike every sport, freediving is about dedication and training.


With a maximum of 3 freedivers per instructor, 2 sessions daily.


SPECIAL price for any coaching session
 book before or / and after a course with us. 

In order to get more of your freediving course, consider to take an extra training session, at your choice. It can be static in the pool or training in the sea. It is really important to keep practising. 
So why not consider our special price offered for any training session booked right after your  freedive course with us



NOTE: Freediving training sessions are for certified freedivers, not for complete beginners. If you have never freedived before you should attend a beginner course prior to join any training session.


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Freediving Coaching

Be a certified freediver

Paperworks: complete the AIDA Medical Form and the AIDA Liability Release

Course duration: 
Time will be allowed for a Preparation-talk, stretching, training design, immediate feedback during the session and debriefing after the session.
You will spend a maximum of 2 hours spend in the water with your coach. 

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