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The founders

Jean-Pol FRANCOIS (a.k.a : JP) - Belgium

AIDA Former Education Officer
AIDA Instructor Trainer
AIDA International Judge Instructor (AI)

PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer
EFR Instructor Trainer

PADI, NAUI, SDI Scuba Instructor

Competition Freediver
Static apnea National Record holder (Belgium)
Founder and Former CEO of AIDA Belgium
Organizer of National and International AIDA Competitions
Organizer of one round of the AIDA World Cup in 2000


Jean-Pol  (JP) comes from Belgium and under Freediving Planet he brings the best freediving education into the South East Asian region. 

JP is a professional and highly passionate Freediving Instructor. He has been freediving for more than 25 years. He has participated to many International freediving competitions and World Championships. He also did some National and World records, and he is still an active competitor.

JP arrived in Asia in early 2010 and was one of the first AIDA Instructor Trainer based in Asia. He travelled all around Asia (Korea, Singapore, Malaysia , Indonesia, Japan, Philippines , Hong Kong, China) to share his passion for Freediving and to start to develop the freediving community. Now, a lot of the AIDA and PADI Instructors, Freedivers, and Athletes in the South East Asia were JP's students!
JP is one of the few who can educate the future AIDA International Freediving Judges, so more and more Freediving competitions can be held in Asian countries. So he is not only the Godfather of Freediving instructors or Athletes, he is also the Godfather of most of the AIDA Judges in Asia and many around the world.


What JP says about freediving :

« Freediving is more than a huge passion for me, it’s a communion with the liquid element and a philosophy of life that gives me a healthier life and allows to access well-being and happiness. It also gives me the chance to meet wonderful people around the world. My dream of the Big Blue became reality and my mission now is to share it with you, to make you discover how amazing it is to be underwater on one breathe »

Suzanne LIM - (a.k.a: SUZY) - French

AIDA Master Instructor 
AIDA International Judge (D)

PADI Freediver Master Instructor

PADI Scuba Instructor

EFR Instructor
Ocean Conservationist & Activist
Organizer of National and International AIDA Competitions


Suzy comes from France and has a background in the Biological sciences. After earning a PhD in Pharmaceutics, and Biotechnology, and a MBA she put her skills to use in pharmaceutical industry.
Suzy has been a water person since her young age. Her underwater adventure started 20 years ago as a competition swimmer. The water is her natural element. In the water, she feel at home and in Peace. Being a good swimmer was not enough for her to be part of the water world, so she pursue her underwater adventure as a Scuba diver and then became a Scuba Diving Instructor in 2010. But, to get closer to the ocean inhabitants, she started freediving and since then, she is exploring the beauty of the Ocean on a single breath of air, almost every single day. 

Suzy’s love the Ocean and its inhabitants began during her youth, and she is now using her freediving skills to collaborate with Project:C:Change, an organisation dedicated to generate awareness in China and Asia about global environmental degradation, climate change and conservation through Media Arts. She is ta PADI and AIDA Master freediver Instructor and an AIDA International Judge. 

She is living in Hong Kong where she is teaching AIDA and PADI freediving courses and gives trainings. She also coordinates and develops Freediving Planet activities

What Suzy says about freediving :

 « I was looking for a different mean to enjoy underwater world and to get closer to its habitant. Freediving helps me in my quest. It brings me the feeling to belong to the ocean and to be part of the undersea creatures.»

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