AIDA International Judge

In all AIDA ranked competitions or record attempts, qualified AIDA International Judges are required to validate athletes performances in accordance with the AIDA Competition Regulations. Without Judges, there are no possible recognized performances.

The AIDA Judges are present to be sure that the AIDA rules are respected and applied by every athletes, the same way.

In some case, Judges may also provide some precious help to the organizers of a competition.


With the development of freediving and the increasing number of competitions every year around the world, AIDA needs regularly new International Judges. Demands for Judges during World Champs and World Records are directly sent via an AIDA email group list. If you are free at that time, the job can be for you.


If you like to travel and meet a lot of freedivers, it will be easy for you to check in AIDA Calendar the list of all the competitions. As an International Judge, you can send your candidacy directly to the organizers of an event and tell them you are available to help.


The more you'll work as Judge, the more experience and the more points you'll get and so you'll be able to upgrade your Judge level.


Jean-Pol FRANCOIS is an International AIDA Judge Instructor, with a huge experience in judging National and International competitions, World Champs and World Cups, and was also judge for more than 20 World Records.


During the AIDA International Judge Course you'll benefit directly from JP's experience.  He will teach you how to become a Professional AIDA International Judge and will share with you his knowledge, using a lot of examples.

In the AIDA Judge course, the competition and world record attempts Regulations are explained in detail.


About our AIDA International Judge course - download pdf

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  • Be at least 18 years old

  • Have experience as an athlete under an AIDA rules - if you don't have, then you will need to be an athlete during a mini comptition organised right after the Judge course. 

Course Duration: 
 3 full days

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Note : Equipment rental is not included – if you need a mask, wetsuit, weight belt, fins, snorkel - please contact us ahead so we can arrange for you

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