First you need to reach Cebu Island

  • By Air

You will need to fly to the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, and this airport is deserve by Air Philippines, Asian Spirit, Cathay Pacific Air, Cebu Pacific Air, Philippines Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Mandarine Airlines, SEAIR, SIlkair, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Qatar Airways. You can also fly to Manila, and then catch a domestic flight to Cebu.

 Find Freediving Planete Moalboal

  • By Ferry

You can arrive at Cebu city Pier by ferry or ship from many islands. Here is a link where you can find more details to help you to organize your trip:


Second, you need to come from Cebu City to MoalboalIf you arrive in Cebu not too late, you can leave straight to Moalboal  


There are four choices of mode of transport

By Taxi

Your journey to Panagsama will be around 3 hours and cost you between 2000 php to 2500 php.


You can hire a regular Taxi at the airport or in Cebu city to Moalboal (make sure the taxi driver knows Moalboal / Panagsama Beach). Fare is about 2000 php to 2500 php, but don’t bargain too much, for some drivers the trip is the first time and they get angry, when they realize how long it takes. Also check if the taxi is ok and be prepared for some surprises which sometimes occur, like some bartering about the price, hidden costs and unplanned stop-overs. So that is some reasons why, your travelling time would be around 3 hours.

By private transfer pre – arranged

Your journey to Panagsama will be around 2,5 hours and cost you between 2500 php to 4,500 php.


The most convenient way to get to Moalboal is to let us arrange your transfer. We team up with reliable rent-a-car services at the aiport, accredited by the Department of Tourism. It is a 24h service and the fastest way to get to Panagsama without bargaining and headache: you just ask us one day prior to your arrival and we will send a car or a van to pick you up at the Pier or Airport. The travelling time is 2,5 to 3 hours depending on the traffic.

Our prices are detailed below :

  • 2,700 php for a car good for 2 persons with luggages or 4 persons with small backpacks only 
  • 3,700 php for a mini-van good for 4 persons with luggages or 7 persons with small backpacks only 
  • 4,700 php for a van good for 6 persons with luggage or 10 persons with small backpacks only

Contact us to arrange your transfer.


By Public transport

Your journey to Panagsama will be around 4 hours and cost you around 500 php.


As usual, the cheapest and the most adventurous method is to use local public transport. From Cebu airport or pier, take a white taxi meter which can be found at the top of the ramp leading up to departures and ask to go to the south bus terminal. It will cost you around 200 php for an approximate 30 min ride. The yellow airport taxis, at the arrival gate are more expensive, so you can expect to pay around 300 php.

Then take the bus to Moalboal here (the main company is the yellow color buses of Ceres Liner). Be sure to use an already almost full bus to avoid waiting. The no-aircon – leaves about every full hour (Filipino time) - will cost you around 107 php + 10 php for terminal fee if you don't pay directly in the bus. Air-con buses are around 110 php but are less frequent. It will take you around 2, 5 hours to reach Moalboal.


Watch out for problematic ticket collectors


Before boarding the bus, make sure you know the price you have to pay for the ticket. You can also read it off the ticket you get from the ticket collector (who will be on the bus during the whole journey). Do not pay more, this is the final price. It is also a good idea to pay the exact amount since the ticket collectors walk away with your money and tend to forget about the change. Some are very good at ignoring you. Also do as the locals do and pay your ticket as soon as possible and not shortly before you get off. This avoids discussion under time pressure.

Once you reach Moalboal, you will need to hire a Tricycle (motorcycle with sidecar) to reach Pagnasama Beach. The 15 minutes ride will cost you around 70 php to 100 php during day time. In rare cases a tricycle driver might take you not to the resort or dive center you requested, because he gets a commission from another resort, so be persistent.

Self Driving

If you drive by yourself drive from Mactan through Cebu City to the south of Cebu, passing by the towns of Talisay, Naga, San Fernando until you reach the town Carcar. There is a big roundabout where you have to turn right into the beautiful mountains, crossing over to the west coast of Cebu. Here you pass by the towns of Barili, Dumanjug, Ronda and Alcantara before you reach Moalboal. In Moalboal turn right to Panagsama Beach. The intersection is right after a big school on your right side. On the left side are a couple of bakeries. Directly at the intersection is a big tree with several signboards from assorted beach resorts and dive centers, pointing towards Panagsama Beach. Drive straight until you hit the beach (4km) then turn left. If you are in Moalboal and for any reason you have to ask for the way, ask specifically for 
Panagsama Beach, otherwise you might be send to another beach.

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