House reef from the shore:  The perfect Freedive conditions 

With its calm, warm and clear water, the house reef of Panagsama Beach offers for Freediving, an easy shore accessibility to the drop off to around 40 meters deep (sometimes more). The wall stretches quite a way along the coast, which allow us to freedive in different dive sites. The wall is impressive in many places, with gorgonians and plenty of hard and soft corals. Shcool of sardines, Morays and sometimes turtles prowl this area

At first glance it may seem like there is not much to do for a tourist in Pagnasama itself,  but it serves as an excellent base camp for diving and exploring the surrounding area of Moalboal.  Bars and restaurants, are mixed with both luxury and budget friendly accommodation. Moalboal is mostly known for the diving its coastline's multiple reefs provide, but if you look a bit further there are many more natural wonders to explore. The mountains inland offer spectacular vistas and the area is covered by dense tropical rain forests divided by rivers and canyons.
If you wonder what is the greatest thing about being situated in Pagnasam Beach, then the only answer we can give you is: Stay there, freedive with us and you will understand why "it is more fun in the Philippines ! "

Did we mentioned Pescador Island ? 

Located on the West of Pagnasama Beach, it was Pescador island that put Moalboal on the diver's map and Pescador remains its biggest draw today. The unhabited island is the most obvious landmark off the coast of Moalboal: you can see it from just about anywhere along Pagnasama Beach, and you can get there within 30 minutes by banca boat. Around pescador island numerous buoys at several location have been placed to protect the reef from anchor damage. Pescador has everything that a diver can expect of a tropical reef dive. The shallow top of the reef is covered with many kind of corals, and deeper down to the wall, soft corals are developed themself all over the place. The vertical wall boats some impressive overhangs and crevicesFish life encompassaes virtually every tropical-reef species you can imagine. 

One of the most popular areas of pescador island is the Cathedral, a stunning crevice that descend to 34 meters. At around noon, shafts of light daple the corals and illuminate the interior in an ethereal light show. 

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