AIDA 1 Freediver

No matter what your background in diving is, the AIDA 1 Freediver Course will open your mind to a whole new underwater experience

In AIDA 1 Freediver Course, you will learn the very basics theory of Freediving. What is Freediving? What kind of equipment is needed? How to prepare yourself for a breathhold dive including breathing, duck dive, finning, buddying and safety techniques? What are the main risks and dangers and how to counter them? You will learn the basics of freediving in a confined water (usually pool) as well as open water (sea or lake). AIDA 1 is recommended for students with either no previous freediving experience or who would like to try freediving over one day and still get a qualification. Think of the AIDA 1 course as a freediving foundation course.

AIDA 1 course consists of:

  • one theory session
  • one breathing and relaxation session
  • one confined water session (usually swimming pool)
  • one open water sessions 

Details of the course:

- During the theory session:
  • Equipment for freediving
  • Breathing for freediving
  • Equalisation technique
  • Safety for freediving
  • Freediving and Scuba Diving


- During the breathing and relaxation session:

  • How the breathing can help you to get relax
  • Recovery breathing


- During the Confined Water session:

  • Static apnea training
  • Experiencing some contractions
  • Safety and buddy


- During the Open Water session:

  • Using equipment
  • Duck diving
  • Body positioning
  • Free Immersion and Constant Weight
  • Finning style
  • Safety and Buddying
  • Dives will be at 10m maximum depth

There are no minimum requirements to pass the course. 

Your Freediving Instructor will guide you through this journey of well being and Fun.

Once completed you can sign up for the AIDA 2 Freediver at a later date or even the day after. 




Want to sign up...

18 years of age (16 with guardian’s consent), be able to swim 100 meters.

Paperworks: complete the AIDA Medical Form and the AIDA Liability Release

Course duration: Usually 1day.

Price : Click on the location below to know the price



Contact us. The AIDA 1 course can be completed at ANY time of the year. 

  • In order to get more of your freediving course, consider to take an extra coaching / training session, at your choice. It can be static in the pool or training in the sea. We are offering a SPECIAL price for any coaching / training session before or / and after a course with us. 
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