Crossover to AIDA 4

No matter the education system that you have followed prior to AIDA, you can still join the most reputable international education system. 

This crossover course will help you to pass all the AIDA 4 course requirements (theory, technical skills and performances).
Our crossover to AIDA 4  is a condensed version of the  AIDA 4 Course, consisting of

  • one theory session,
  • one confined water session,
  • two open water sessions,
  • two exams (AIDA 3 and AIDA 4).


After our AIDA 4 crossover course, you will become familiar with the AIDA Educational System and be assessed according to the AIDA standards. After this course, you'll be up to date to enter the professional level of AIDA Instructor.

  • Performance and assesments standards for AIDA 4

To successfully complete the AIDA 4 Freediver course you will have to perform a 3 minutes 30 second breath-hold, swim 70m in Dynamic with fins and freedive to 32 meters in Constant Weight discipline.

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  • 18 years of age (16 with guardian’s consent);
  • be a certified freediver from another education system equivalent to AIDA 4. 
  • Please note that you will need a first aid (EFR) and CPR certification - not older than two years old - before you start the course and in order to be certified at the end of the course. If you need a basic course or want to freshen up your skills, we will be happy to arrange one for you. 


Paperworks: complete the AIDA Medical Form and the AIDA Liability Release

Course duration
Usually 2 days

Price : Click on the location below to know the price

Contact us for more information or booking  - PRE BOOKING IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • Student enrolled in a Crossover course to AIDA 2, 3 or 4 is not entitled to the special rate for coaching / training after / before course. Normal rates and packages for trainings and fun freedives will be applied.  



Join our Master Internship Program

Master Freediver Internship

After successfully complete your Master level, and if you have more time (minimum 2 weeks), you may want to join our Master Internship program

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