Tai Long Wan Beach - Hong Kong

FREEDIVING PLANET HEADQUATER is located in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a busy never sleeping city, but has islands, small villages, mountains and beaches where to retreat on the week end. As an island, Hong Kong is surrounded by sea, and diving is possible here during summer time (April to September). With some imagination and help from Freediving Planet, you will be surprise to see that it is possible to learn freedive and keep training, improving your skills here in Hong Kong.

If we can't go and train in the open water, no worries, there is plenty of swimming pools in Hong Kong (private or public, 25m or 50m lanes, outdoor or indoor, heated pool, and some have diving pool (5m deep)). 

There is a wide range of freediving disciplines that you can practice here (Static, Dynamic with or without fins, technic of equalization, duck diving, finning, undulation ...). Open water training along with swimming pool training will keep your ability to freedive up to date. 

We also organize regular training and AIDA courses (Discovery, AIDA 1 to 3) all year round and for more information, we invite you to join our dedicated group page Freediving Planet HONG KONG (Facebook)

To contact us (Suzy): suzy@freediving-planet.com

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