Freedive Mermaid

Freediving Mermaid


Mermaid Odessa is a PADI and AIDA freediving (apnea) coach so her school also offers a whole different level of mermaiding.
Freediving (apnea) mermaids can go deeper and explore the sardines and sea turtles of moalboal!
This course requires the student to be a certified free diver (if you are not, you can sider taking a freediving course).
A whole new world for two hours!

This course covers:

  • Introduction class about mermaid swimming. A briefieng about the tail and the proper way to use it. 
  • Stretching
  • Teach you the diferent strokes you can use to prevent you from getting tired easily
  • Give you tips on how to be comfortable with tail for you to enjoy your mermaid experience. All that might take 30 to 45 minutes and the rest will be fun fun fun!
  • Teach you how to do a proper and efficient duck dive while wearing the tail
  • Give you tips on holding your breath
  • There will be a buoy where you can put your stuff like water and where you can rest when tired. A rope will be provided too for your warm ups and for you to do free immersions to prevent you from being tired easily
  • Level 1 divers maximum depth is 10 and level 2 maximum depth is 15 meters (depth depends on the student's comfortability in the water and coach assesments)
  • Directed photoshoot and video taking will also be done during the course using your camera*

- Mermaid Tail, mask and snorkel
- Pictures / video (with your own camera)*

- Swimming Pool entry fees (500 php per session/ per student) - if needed
- *If we use our camera (GoPro), we can give you the copies with charge (300 php). 
- Please bring an usb or memory card!

- 3,500 php (shore entry)
- discount for group of 3 person - not applicable for walk in

Mermaid Photo Option

Mermaid Photo option

Our Mermaid school feels for the people who dont swim or who are not comfortable to be in the water so we thought of something to still give you your mermaid experience. This photo option can also be added to any of our mermaid course.

This service offers:

  • For you to wear the mermaid tail on the beach
  • Directed photoshoot using your camera for 30 minutes**
    • Beach can be White Beach (additional tricycle fees -300 php- and entry fee -20 php per person)
    • Nearby beach within walking distance 


 **We suggest bringing your own bikini bra and camera. We can also use our professional camera for a fee of 500php

- 1,200 php with our camera or 850 php with your camera


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