10-17 March 2019
    Join our AIDA / PADI IC March session and become a professional Freediving Instructor.

    16 to 23 February 2019
    Join our AIDA / PADI IC February session and become a professional Freediving Instructor.

    2 Sessions January 2019 : 14-21 AND 20-28
    Welcome to Freediving Planet Moalboal, we look forward to have you here for your AIDA/PADI Instructor Course.




    The IC is organised during a period of 7 to 10 days and is very demanding in time.

    Course starts at 8:30 till 18:00 (sometimes later) everyday.

    Therefore, your physical condition must be at the top.


    So in order to arrive well prepared and enter the course, here are some requirements that we ask to all our candidates:


    1. Paperworks :


    You need to send us a copy of your AIDA4 or PADI Master Freediver Certificate.

    We also need a copy of your CPR certificate, not older than 2 years.

    If you are PADI Master Freediver, you will need to pass the AIDA4 Crossover to be entitled to join the AIDA IC. The AIDA4 C/O is minimum 2 days.


    When you will arrive in Freediving Planet you will have to complete the following documents :

    • Registration
    • Liability Release
    • Medical Form.


    For the PADI Instructor Candidates, the PADI medical form must be completed and it must be signed by a doctor. This Medical form must be given on arrival at Freediving Planet and must be recent.


    There are doctors in Moalboal, but it is better to secure your medical form in advance.


    2. Theory :


    Since you are already AIDA4 certified, the AIDA theory must not be a secret for you anymore. Therefore, we will organize the first exam on the Theory AIDA2-4 on the first day of the IC, so you will have the time to refresh your knowledge at home at your own pace.


    To pass the AIDA2-4 exam you will need a score of 90%. If you don’t pass on the first time, then you will have one exam B to pass on the next day. If another fail, then the IC stops and you will have to register at the next month session.


    3. Freediving Techniques :


    To enter the AIDA IC, your technique must be such as expected of an AIDA4 or PADI Master Freediver.

    The IC is not designed to teach you the techniques your are already supposed to master.

    We expect from you a Role Model technique. AIDA4 is already a high level of expertise.


    4. Required Performances to enter the IC at Freediving Planet :


    • Static min 4’
    • Dynamic 75m
    • DNF 50m
    • FIM 38m
    • CWT 38m
    • CNF 15m


    If you are not OK with one of those performances or with your techniques, no worry, our staff at Freediving Planet will be happy to coach you in order to prepare you for your IC.


    To prepare your IC, we highly recommend that you follow a Master Internships of minimum 2 weeks. You can also of course prepare your training at your own location, but when you will arrive here at our facilities, all the requirements must be met already so we can spend more time on the teaching skills and to prepare you for your future job as Freediving Instructor.


    On the first day of the AIDA IC, we will organize an assessment OW session and you will have to demonstrate the following :


    • Easy CWT dive to 35m min, with a role model technique;
    • BO Rescue from 20m and 50m towing at the surface with rescue breathes;
    • Setup and handling of the line, buoy, bottom weight.


    5. Special Presentation :


    Once you will register to the IC, you will need to provide us a list of 3 topics you would like to develop, with a 2 or 3 lines introduction. We will pickup one of the 3 topics and you will have time to prepare your special presentation at your place a few weeks in advance.


    Note that for this Special Presentation, we will need 2 documents from you :

    1. The powerpoint Presentation ;

    2. The Full text assignement.

    The PPT must be the outlines of your full text assignement.


    You will need to present your topic at the end of the IC and you will be allowed to talk for 20-25 minutes and with a 5-10 minutes Q&A  at the end.


    By the first day of the IC, you must provide all your documents  via email to your Instructor.

    Use the following email : moalboal@freediving-planet.com


    6. Safety and Rescue :


    During your IC, you will spend a lot of time to practice Rescue techniques. So take the opportunity to refresh your safety skills prior to the course.


    Moreover, your CPR certificate must be up to date (not older than 2 years). If it is not the case, let us know and we can organise with you an EFR or EFRI course.


    Note: For the PADI Freediver Instructor Candidates, you must also pass the EFR Instructor level that we can organise in 2 days in Moalboal. But you also must be EFR (not older than 2 years).


    7. Course in English :


    The IC is taught in english, so we expect from our candidates a total understanding of the english language. If you are not fluent in english, do not worry, we can offer the service of a translator (extra cost will apply to cover the salary of the translator).




  • DECEMBER - AIDA Instructor Course

    22nd - 31st December 2018
    Freediving is your passion and you want to share it with your friends. Your freediving technique is excellent and you can already dive very deep. You are not afraid to take some responsabilities and you are ready for a real commitment to the Freediving Planet Safety Standards.

    Become an AIDA Freediving Instructor
    Make your dream a reality...

    Jean Pol Francois (JP) will prepare you to pass the different exams and performance skills and reach the quality standards of Freediving Planet.

    Price: - including the certification card, internship option and manual. 

    More infos:

    1st July 2016
    We are Happy to be the 1st PADI and AIDA Freedive center in the Phillipines! Both education system are available here, from Beginner to Instructor level! Come, have fun and learn with the best!
  • YOGA & Freediving by the SEA : a perfect combination in Moalboal

    From April 2017

    Yoga classes can help you prepare your dive physically and achieve a pre-meditative state of mind before your dive. Many parallels can be drawn between freediving and yoga. The shared objective is to optimize and improve all the physiological and mental processes by gaining self-understanding, self-control and self-discipline.

    Yoga at Freediving Planet Moalboal 
  • The 1st AIDA Freediving center is NOW OPEN in SIARGAO Island

    4 October 2014
    We are proud to announce after a year of anticipation Palaka Siargao Dive Center are now officially offering AIDA International Freediving courses on the beautiful island of Siargao. In collaboration with Freediving Planet who has sent us one of their highly trained and skilled instructor, Teo, to help you learn the techniques you need to conquer the deep. Courses offered are for novice to experts levels. 

    AIDA Surfer Survival specialty course. Palaka Siargao Dive Center will be the first in the world to offer this AIDA specialty course!

    1st July 2016
    No matter the education system that you have followed prior to AIDA or PADI, you can still join two of the most reputable international education system. 

    Click here to know more 

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