THIS IS THE LIGHT Version of the famous Captain Nemo Carbon fins. It comes with an 80cm (31.5inch) long 100% carbon-fiber blades with a ~22 degrees angle. The average total length of the fins is 98cm. 
The Capt. Nemo Power Fins supply the freediver with unmatched power and durability. The blade is constructed of 100 micron thick layers of 100% high quality carbon fiber and WaterWay’s in house special resins. 
Guaranteed to supply the freediver with consistent thrust and unmatched power for over 2000km.

The fin's blade is made of 100% high quality and durable carbon fiber to last for years. as all WaterWay fin blades the blades are hand fabricated and polished to ensure optimal streamline behavior underwater. 

They come in 5 Different stiffness:

  • Stiffness 1 : soft - recommended for girl
  • Stiffness 2 : soft medium - the most common for men
  • Stiffness 3 : medium - the most common for men with good and powerful legs
  • Stifness 4 : medium hard - recommended for tall and strong men
  • Stiffness 5 : very hard - recommended for tall and very strong men


They come in 4 Different size:

  • 37-39
  • 41-43
  • 44-45
  • 46-48 


Weight is 1.8 kg
Made in Ukraine 

Black LITE Carbon fins with angle - Captain Nemo