Constructed with an advanced Composite Fiber compound Captain NEMO Power Fins provide to the freediver an unmatched performance, durability, and power. 

These fins are made from a superior high pressure pressed (HPP) fiberglass with extremely fast response -100micron  layers (20pcs in 2mm) - high pressure compressed material. The HPP fiberglass will not change its properties  with normal use. The fins will not change properties up to 2000 kilometers of use so gor the freedivers this literally means a lifetime of diving.

Captain Nemo fins have 80cm fiberglass blades and a total lenght of around 92cm. The angle (22 degres) give to your feet a more natural position and more efficiency to your kick.The foot pocket is glued to the blade.

They come in 5 Different stiffness:

  • Stiffness 1 : very soft - recommended for girl
  • Stiffness 2 : soft - the most common for girl and men
  • Stiffness 3 : medium - the most common for men
  • Stifness 4 : medium hard - recommended for tall and strong men
  • Stiffness 5 : very hard - recommended for tall and very strong men


They come in 4 Different size:

  • 37-39
  • 41-43
  • 44-45
  • 46-48 

Weight is 2,4kg
Made in Ukraine

Blue Fiberglass fins with angle by Captain Nemo

$1,795.00 Regular Price
$1,515.00Sale Price
    • If the item is OUT OF STOCK or your CHOICE IS NOT ON THE DROP DOWN LIST, it means that it is not available for pick up in the show room. However, you can still order, by sending us an email to : info@freediving with the following information:
    • - Delivery Address & Phone number
    • - Items Size, Color and Stiffness
    • - Payment receipt (including the shipping cost as per bellow)
    • For one pair - 300 HKD / for 2 two pairs - 490 HKD - for the delivery but it will need 13 to 15 business days to deliver it to Hong Kong.


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