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The Molchanovs Carbon Bi-fins are designed, tested and used by the World Champion and multiple World record holder Alexey Molchanov. The Molchanovs Carbon Bifins are produced by Carbon specialist Proteus, with very high quality and it is one of the best makers of carbon freediving bifins. 

Alexey Molchanov, achieved the world deepest Bifins dive in October 2017 (-108m), with the Proteus carbon fins. 


Pathos foot pockets are made Pathos of recycled tires that are stiffer and lighter ((only 370 grs).

They are ergonomic with space for the toes, soft and hard where ever necessary.

Requires a "glue in" installation.  NOT a modular set.  These footpockets can be "heat formed" on the tops to customize to your foot, at least to some degree.  This disperses load, which disperses pressure on your foot and improves the power transfer.  Approximate sizing with 3 mil sock.


  • 36/38 (EU) - 6 (US)
  • 38/40 (EU) - 8 (US)
  • 40/42 (EU) - 9 (US)
  • 42/44 (EU) - 10 (US)
  • 44/46 (EU) - 11 (US)
  • 46/48 (EU) - 12 (US)


By using the vacuum infusion technic to press the blade, Proteus creates a prefect smooth and responsive carbon blade, allowing a minimum effort while kicking. 
Molchanovs Carbon bifins has an unique outer coating at the rear surface of the fins. The shark skin type coating which does not glare in the sun, reduces friction of water on the fins.
There is only one stiffness available for the blade because it made with a 100% carbon material.


The Molchanovs bifins are the only brand in the world that now make it possible to have full carbon bifins with the carbon inserts. The carbon inserts make the bifins stiffer from beginning to end resulting in much more propulsion and efficiency.

Weight is 1.4kg
Made in Russia 

Proteus Pure Carbon BiFins / Pathos - Molchanovs

PriceFrom ₱27,300.00
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