3rd S.E.A Freediving Challenge - 23rd April, 2017 in Moalboal, the Philippines

Freediving Planet has the pleasure to announce the 3rd S.E.A. Freediving Challenge. 

It will be a gathering with the freediving community in the Philippines.

We look forward to meet you for this amazing organization.



The 3rd S.E.A Freediving Challenge will take place on the Sunday 23 April. 

The agenda will be as follow (Subject to the weather and sea condition) 


In the Philippines, Cebu island, Moalboal Town.

We will be diving from Freediving Planet Center, in Panagasam Beach.  The drop off to the depth is  located just in front of the dive center. We will dive from a traditional filipino Banca Boat. 

In our center, you will be able to use the shower, the stretching area and the chill area. We also offer juices, shakes, hot & cold drinks.

Useful information for the competition


Here is a list of the different costs and services we can provide:

  • Participation to the event : 2,500 php (around 50 usd). 

  • This price includes the official competition dive, and either the Workshop Competition or the Set up for the Buddy training. 

  • During the buddy training day, one instructor is mandatory per buoy and we accept maximum 4 athletes per buoy. If you dont have an instructor with you, one Freediving Planet Instructor will be in charge of the safety and coaching, but it s not included in the registration fees.

  • Pure O2 Deco at 5m : 500 php per freediver per session of training 

  • Pure O2 Deco at surface will be provided for free on the competition day for deco post deep dive (60m+) 



For all competitors, you will need to bring  at the registration:

  • Recent Medical Certificate signed by a physician. Download the AIDA Medical Statement here.

  • A copy of your passport or ID

  • Your safety lanyard for checking by the judge 

  • Proof of an up to date affiliation to an AIDA National


  • Jean Pol FRANCOIS (AI)

  • Suzanne Lim (D)

  • Carlo Navarro (E)


We will have a team of  safety freedivers working with us.

A Physician Freediver will be present for the competition day.

An ambulance will be in standby for the depth competition days.

We will provide pure Oxygen for all athletes diving deeper than 60 m. 

A counterweight system will be in place.

All athletes will be monitored with an Oxymeter test, before the event and after each competition days.




The minimum age for AIDA competition is 18 years or 16 with parental concent. Freedivers of any level or experience can join. You need to be in good health and present the Medical Statement approved by a physician.
You have to be a member of an AIDA National in order to participate at the competition. If your country does not have a National AIDA please contact us in advance for assistance. We will follow strict safety guidelines and the Competition Doctor will have the right to cancel an athlete’s start if diving would pose a risk to the athlete’s health. Freedivers experiencing severe lung / trachea squeeze, black out on the first competition day will not be allowed to start on the second day of competition.
Here the AIDA Latest Competition Rules.
Here the AIDA Philippines registration form.



Please note that the number of competing athletes is limited to 15 divers, so make sure to reserve your spot early. As long as we still have capacity, there is no deadline for registration. 

If you have any questions please contact us by email info@freediving-planet.com 

To reserve your spot we will ask for a 50% advanced payment which can be done by PayPal (to info@freediving-planet.com with an additional 5% fees) , by Bank Transfer within the Philippines (BDO),or to  Hang Sheng Bank in Hong Kong or by cash to our Freediving Planet center Moalboal. Only this down payment will secure your participation to the competition. No fees refund.

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