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Meet our team

Suzy is a former Scuba-diving Instructor, competition swimmer, Scientist, Pharmacist, who become a Professional freediver – Freedive school Owner, Instructor, Competition organizer, Judge, Safety and Athlete freediver.

In 2012, Suzy started freediving and became, at this moment, the co-founder of Freediving Planet. Suzy. has created one of the first freediving club in Hong Kong.

In 2017, Suzy started her journey as an athlete freediver, traveling to compete in the International scene under France or Hong Kong flag. So far, she has won two gold medals in depth disciplines, she  is the Hong Kong National Record Holder for CWT-BF, CNF and CWT, with her deepest dive to _à meters.

In 2019 and 2021, she was selected to be in the French Team at the AIDA Depth World Championship.

Suzy's love of the Ocean and its inhabitants began during her youth. As a grown up, she is combining her background in communication and science to her freediving skills, to collaborate with different NGO and foundations engaged in the conservation of the biodiversity, reef and ocean.

Suzanne Lim - Suzy - FRENCH FREEDIVER Athlete

Suzanne (Suzy) LIM


Jean-Pol Francois ( JP ) is an experienced Instructor Trainer with AIDA, PADI, MOLCHANOVS  and EFR, with over 34 years of experience in Freediving. He is also a former World Champion in the Free Immersion and Static apnea disciplines.

He is one of the pioneers in the freediving education and was  AIDA Education Officer for 6 years.  He is considered as the Godfather of most of the freediving Instructors &  Judges in Asia.

Still competing when he is not teaching nor judging during competitions,  JP has a Static PB of 9 minutes and has reached 94m in depth.

He is now based in the Philippines, Cebu island, where he is 100% involved in all the Freediving Activities and help to develop safe practices within the local Freediving Community. 

Jean Pol



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Boat Captain

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