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One of the first freediving school to offer AIDA, MOLCHANOVS and PADI freediving courses, from beginner to professional level. 



Explore  the  Ocean on  a  Single Breath of  Air

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At Freediving Planet our approach to teaching freediving is based on relaxation and internal awareness. We provide small size classes and/or one to one classes to really cater to each student's individual ability, personal objectives, and development.

Our courses and training are always held in a safe and fun environment. In each course, you will delve into the physics, psychology, and physiology of freediving. 

Since 2012, we share our passion for freediving through courses, trips, training, and events. Since then we have built a community of freediving enthusiasts in South East Asia and around the world.

We were the first freediving school in PHILIPPINES to offer freediving courses from Beginner to Professional. level.

As freedivers, we believe in taking care of the ocean that brings us so much enjoyment and does our part by promoting sustainability and supporting marine conservation efforts. 

freediving in moalboal

SARDINS STORMS House reef Freediving planet

House reef from the shore:  The perfect Freedive conditions 


With its calm, warm and clear water, the house reef of Panagsama Beach offers for Freediving, easy shore accessibility to the drop off to around 40 meters deep (sometimes more). The wall stretches quite away along the coast, which allows us to freedive in different dive sites. The wall is impressive in many places, with gorgonians and plenty of hard and soft corals. School of sardines, Morays, and sometimes turtles prowl this area. 




Sheltered from wind and current, away from the busy boat traffic of Panagsama Beach, we can offer you comfortable and safe freediving. Our training site is just a 5 / 10 -minute boat ride away from our Center. Unlimited depth, warm water, no currents, and the occasional whale shark are waiting for you!

Tropical Island View



At first glance, it may seem like there is not much to do for a tourist in Moalboal itself,  but it serves as an excellent base camp for diving and exploring the surrounding area of Moalboal.  Bars and restaurants are mixed with both luxury and budget-friendly accommodation. Moalboal is mostly known for the diving its coastline's multiple reefs provide, but if you look a bit further there are many more natural wonders to explore. The mountains inland offer spectacular vistas and the area is covered by dense tropical rain forests divided by rivers and canyons.

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