Third Pre - AGENDA of the AIDA Competition    

The 3rd S.E.A Freediving Challenge will take place on the Sunday 23rd April
The agenda will be as follow (Subject to the weather and sea condition)  
This edition we will focus on the Philippines Freediving Community and organize this competition in collaboaration with SISSID Freediver, Dive Ta Bai Mindanao and Visayas, TRVN, AIDA Philippines and Mermaid Odessa Moalboal Academy.

This special edition will be featuring a special "workshop competition" for Filipino and Filipina Freedivers, who wants to take part in the competition as an athlete. This special workshop will be conducted by the highly ranked AIDA Judge Instructor, JP, who will guide the future athletes thru the AIDA Rules of competition.  

We will also give the opportunity to Filipino freedivers to volunteer inside the organisation team (medic staff, media, safety, announcer...)

This competition will be open to all who wants to join, to have fun, share and gather around a nice 2 days event. 

SARTUDAY 22nd April, 2017 - AFTERNOON

Competition workshop for Filipino / Filipina
 (only for the one who sign up for the competition).
The workshop will be provided by Jean Pol Francois (JP) (Athlete and AIDA Competition Judge). He will give you guidance with AIDA competition rules, and he will conduct an open water session, so the participants can practice the AIDA Competition rules.  


Buddy Training day for the other (buoy and rope will be provided to buddy team only.  No safety divers from the organisation will be provided, so please arrange your safety diver for your training). 

SUNDAY 23rd April, 2017 

Deep discipline competition in the afternoon.
Athlete will choose between CWT, CNF or FIM disciplnes.
We will set a depth limit to 80 m. 
Registration, lanyard check, balance payment and announcement will be in the morning of Sunday 23rd April. 

Important note:
  • If the lanyard has not been checked on the official check day / time the athlete will not be allowed to start any deep competition dive. Please note that lanyard for CNF and CWT will be checked.
  • For the registration, please bring your passport, medical certificate signed by a doctor not older than 1 year, and the payment in cash only. We will ask you to fill a liability release.
  • Depth disciplines: 3 warm up buoys / one competition line
  • In case of bad sea, the organization may not consider the performances for the final results but it will still be taken into consideration for the AIDA ranking.


We wish you successful training and hope to see you in January! The Freediving Planet Team

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