AIDA International

AIDA International Freediving

From Competitons to Education

  • AIDA is one of the first worldwide freediving organization and actually the most reknown.
  • Set up in France more than 20 years ago by freedivers for freedivers.
  • AIDA, it is also a high quality Educational Program.
  • AIDA organizes courses from beginner to Instructor levels.

Since 1992, AIDA promotes competitive Freediving worlwide, setting rules for competitions and records. AIDA also trains International Judges who are present at every competition to validate every single performances made by the freediving athletes, verifying that the AIDA International Regulations are respected by all. 


At the first AIDA World Championships in France, in 1992, the winner realised an amazing 52 meter in the Constant Weight discipline.

Only 20 years after, in 2012, the winner of the Vertical Blue competition dove to 128m in the same discipline.

Over the last decade, AIDA also got highly involved in the Freediving Education. Several courses and training have been developed under the highest safety standards. 

What has changed in 20 years?

  • The knowledge about freediving and the physiology of the freediver at depth;
  • The equipment, more and more technical and performant;
  • The increasing number of freedivers in the world;
  • The training techniques.

What remains the same and will be forever?

  • The passion about this amazing sport;
  • The well being and procured pleasure;
  • The Blue, my friends! Only the blue...


Roles and objectives of AIDA

  • Instructs AIDA International Judges
  • Recognizes national and world records
  • Manages the freedivers international ranking list
  • Manages and rules International freediving competitions
  • Provides high quality and safety education system from the beginners to the instructors

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