The tube and mouthpiece of SN36 are made entirely from top grade silicone. The angle of the mouthpiece allows users to breathe easily with relaxed jaw muscles.

This stylish spearfishing / freediving snorkel is supple and comfortable to use in any condition.

Simple silicone snorkel which can be bent



  • 100% top grade silicone construction: a snorkel you can fold up for compact storage
  • Great to tuck into a BCD pocket for tech redundancy or use as a spare snorkel
  • Anatomically-shaped, hypoallergenic mouthpiece for a comfortable fit
  • Mouthpiece includes bite tabs and s-angle shape to eliminate jaw fatigue, ensure easy breathing
  • Classic, proven, no-nonsense design

Black Snorkel Silicone Flex - (SN36) by IST