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The fluid goggles by Helm are hand made. Every piece is a limited and special edition. Precision and care is given to every single pair. 
The fluid goggle use the Arena competition goggle as a base. Therefore, they are very hydrodynamic with a good and comfortable fit.

The high quality glass lens, are inserted directly into the material and a special technic to secure them is used. No trace of glue can be spotted on the final product.
The fluid goggle come with a protective case and a mesh bag to store them. 
4 nose bridges are also in the pack for an optimal adjustment of the eye-to-eye distance.


Fluid goggles will work with sea water or lake water, it hurts slightly and it is not very good for the eyes. However, if you are used to opening your eyes in the ocean, you can use sea water. However, you should not use ordinary contact lenses if you fill the goggles with sea or lake water because the contact lenses will become contaminated. 

Fluid goggles are more fragile than ordinary masks. They must be handled with care. If you throw your goggles around and drop them frequently, they could become scratched, damaged or destroyed. The inside of the goggle is very sensitive to scratching; never clean the inside of the goggle with anything except water and the skin of your fingers. Even your fingernails can scratch the inside of the goggle. Always store your goggles in their case when not in use. With proper care, your fluid goggles should last for years

Scratch Resistance :
The goggles are more prone to scratching than masks. Be careful not to scratch the goggles. Keep the goggles in their case when not in use. The inside of the goggle is especially prone to scratching; nothing should ever touch the inside of your goggle except the skin on your fingers (even your fingernails can scratch the inside of the goggle). 

Rinse Goggles :
After Use Each time you use the goggles, it is important to wash the inside of the goggle with fresh water, several times. Otherwise, saline or sea water will 'stick' between the lens and the inside of the goggle. When this water dries, salt will 'cake' on the lens. The next time you use the goggle, parts of your vision could be blurry because of the salt inside the goggle. Eventually the salt will dissolve; it does not damage the goggle, but to avoid this effect it is best to always rinse the goggles with fresh water before storing them at the end of the day. 

Made in Austria
Weight: 300 grs 

Fluid Goggle (Adjustable) by Helm

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