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Grab this light weight bag that will ease your journey to the pool or sea for your underwater activities. Besides your favorite Molchanovs HP-Carbon bi-fins, you can fit in much of your freediving equipment, except weights. All that you need for underwater fun in nicely designed and colored bag.


Molchanovs HP-Carbon bi-fins are proving to be the best bi-fins, assisting at the world records. Now you can and you should carry your bi-fins in a light weight, yet strong Molchanovs bi-fins bag. The bag protects the carbon blades from scratching during the transport, and it is screening the blades from overheating by sunlight. Much of the training equipment finds sufficient space in this bag, including towel. Available in many colors, so anybody can find a bag that you'll love to carry.



  • light weight
  • carries up to 8 kg
  • sufficient space for a pair of bi-fins and much of the gear, but no weights
  • sewn with reinforced thread
  • protects blades from scratching and sunlight



durable fabric


Size: W : 33 cm H : 4 cm L : 95 cm

Weight: 0.22 kg

Light weight bi-fins bag by Molchanov

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